The Natural Alpaca Fiber Winners 2011

What a treat for the eyes and imagination! Take a look at the photos of the winners of this years Natural Fiber Showcase in the International Camelid Quarterly.

From over 150 entries and 7,000 votes by the general public, the winning entries in the Fashion, Art & Utility categories are featured. Each beautiful photo also includes an explanation by the artist of the techniques they used to create the product.

I got some good ideas of what I could do with some of my fiber… How about you?

Click the following link and enjoy the beautiful, creative items made with natural alpaca fiber.  Natural Fiber Product Showcase winners.

One thought on “The Natural Alpaca Fiber Winners 2011

  1. My husband just loved the toilet Cozy!! What a great idea! I personally loved the felted picture of the alpacas. There are so many things to do with the fiber and this showcase just makes you want to try everything.
    Sherri Watson
    Jewel of the Mountains, LLC

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