Happy Alpaca Valentine’s Day

WOW! What a response to our Happy Alpaca Valentine’s Day video! By popular demand we’ve decided to make it available again…

One of the many things I love about this incredible business is the expressions of joy on the faces of people when they interact with the alpacas. We open our ranch to visitors quite often. When families bring their kids (of all ages) we like to have the camera near-by. So that the kids get to see themselves enjoying the alpacas. Don and I chose to create a photo collage video of a few of the cute moments of “love with the alpacas.”

We created this video for all to enjoy throughout the year. So if you are an animal lover of any sort… we dedicate this to you. If you can’t physically be with your four-legged friends, than perhaps this short video will put a smile on your face.

Click on the video to play and be sure that you have your speakers turned up too.

Feel free to share this site with your friends. And if you are an alpaca enthusiast feel free to post your comments. We’d love to read what you think.

Sending you lots of Hugs & Humms not just for this month of “LOVE”, but all year long!

Julie & Don Roy

6 thoughts on “Happy Alpaca Valentine’s Day

  1. very nice video, it\’s hard to believe they are so small,and tolerate the attention of young kids the way they do. like the video.

  2. Nothing like Alpaca love on Valentine’s Day! How can anyone not want to kiss a face like that, or even better, give them a great big hug and nuzzle!

  3. Don and Julie,
    This video is great!!!! It truely captures how enjoyable the alpacas are for everyone.

  4. Hi Julie & Don, Thanks so much for forwarding this to me…think of you both often, will have to get up there to see you all again. What a Beautiful video, your Babies are all so precious..anyone that hasn’t gotten up close & petted an Alpaca sure is in for a treat! So happy all is going so well for you. God Bless, Debra in Hemet

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