September 11th Miracle

Hi Alpaca Enthusiasts,

I have something a little different to share with you today – September 11, 2012.

Tears, destruction, clouds of dust. Firemen, policemen, paramedics, ordinary citizens – all heroes. These are the images forever tucked into the most delicate corners of our minds.

Where ever you were – what ever you were doing… It’s impossible to forget all the feelings associated with that day.

Like the sound of silence that seized family rooms across the country. Loved ones huddled together around TV news reports – just staring in disbelief at the devastation. And the serene, eerie feeling of the unknown about our future.

No doubt about it, on September 11, 2001, a nation changed. It was…

The Day America Came Together

No more Republicans, no more Democrats. No more sports rivalries. No more arguing and yelling “talking-heads” on TV.

Just a deep, dark somber feeling of shock, sorrow, confusion and empathy and love for our families and fellow men and women.

The enormous weight of the tragedy urged every American to reach out to anyone who’d left footprints on their heart. I know I did… I’m sure you made different choices that day too.

Amid all the stories that have been written about that day and the aftermath, I felt very inspired by the following story of one tiny symbol of hope amid all the destruction.

A Small Miracle Among the Rubble

“In October of 2001, one month into the clearing of the debris, a 30-year old Callery pear tree was discovered.

It was badly burned, and had but one living branch. But the 8-foot tall stump of a pear tree, nonetheless, was still alive.

Soon the tree, covered in ash, was moved to a nursery in the Bronx where it wasn’t expected to survive.

But in the spring of 2002, that Callery pear tree now deemed “The Survivor Tree” showed new growth. And it continued to grow in its new home for years, even when temporarily uprooted during a storm.

In December of 2010, at a new height of 30 feet, “The Survivor Tree” was replanted at the World Trade Center memorial.

Keating Crown, who escaped the 100th floor of the South Tower before it collapsed, said of the miracle pear tree:

‘It reminds us all of the capacity of the human spirit to persevere.’

We depend on the capacity of the human spirit to persevere. It’s vital to our success as a people, a nation, and a globe that we keep on moving forward.

Despite heartache, despite destruction, despite tragedy…”

Times are somewhat different today than they were following 9/11; with some new struggles and new crises. I started my professional coaching certification that week and immediately jumped into the new crises at hand serving my clients.

As I look back, that’s when the seed of a new lifestyle planted itself in me. Though it took another two years to start the action that would later become our “Alpaca Lifestyle”, I relate to the story of “The Survivor Tree” in a very deep way.

So, wherever you are on your “Alpaca Lifestyle Path” remember the callery pear tree and the spirit to persevere.

Thanks for reading, and take care on this special day.

Your Alpaca Friend,

Julie Roy